Hi all.

About time I did the Blog again. So far we have had a very up and down 2017. As the members will know we have had a lot of trouble with the bus but I am pleased to say it is just about sorted out now.

It’s a long story so I will spare all the details. You may have seen us in the local paper receiving £500.00 each from The Wisbech Masons and The Wisbech Lions.

The money was to pay for the bus door to be fixed as this was expensive.

This has now been done though and it makes it much easier for the drivers and escorts to get people on and off the bus.

The bus broke down on two club nights in a row. It was a very frustrating time, especially for the drivers. We need to give everyone involved in helping on these nights a big thank you for their support.

The first breakdown was due to the lift not working and it took the breakdown people a very long time to sort out how they were going to get the bus on the road again. They ended up having to physically break the lift to get it back and made safe.

I have made numerous calls to find someone to give us a quote to repairs or renew the lift. After prices ranging from £5.000 for a new lift to around £250 for a local company to do a repair I am pleased to tell you it is going in next week to be repaired.

The second breakdown was to do with the new bus door which jammed and caused the whole engine to shut down. In the end it was a simple accidental touch of the button on the key fob and we now know what to do now if it ever happens again.

So let’s hope after the lift is sorted it will be plain sailing for a while.

I will soon be doing the new programme for the second half of the year. There will be more entertainment nights as I am in contact with a chap called Peter who came once before. Also Mike King and The Flukes want to come again. Tom Kennedy went down very well and he has also offered to come again.

The chap who runs the model railway club will be setting up his models again for members to play trains. Also we now have the new Pool table which is being used regularly.

Wixsteed Park should be good this year as it’s the National clubs Diamond Jubilee year. This means it is 60 years since PHAB first started.

The theme is Diamonds are forever so feel free to dress up in anything that glitters. Get out the Tiaras and let’s show everyone that Wisbech PHAB can go to town.

I am hoping we can organise more trips this year as we now have 4 drivers. I have had an invitation from Ann who runs Peterborough club. She is asking if we want to meet them in Ferry Meadows for a picnic during August.

So if we have a driver willing to take us we can have a nice cheap day out and get to know other club members.

Healthy Eating Groups update.

Happy Phabbing

Posted by Carol on 25/04/2017

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