Hi all.

  Summer is here and we have a new programme to keep the club nights interesting and hopefully everyone happy.

The Zumba night was very good and it was lovely to see so many of you taking part. It was very energetic but Russ made the moves easy to follow and it definitely wasn’t boring!! Russ is coming back on  Nov 21st to do another session for you. 

The bus is now running ok and passed the MOT without any problems for a nice change.  Rob Mason has passed the Midas training and has now joined Mike and Sally on the rota.  I am still looking for another driver though to fill in with holidays and do trips.  Keep spreading the word as its always word of mouth that produces someone willing to help out.  We also need someone willing to help Tony out with the treasurers job. He could do with a break from it and would like to hand it over to someone else now.  It is a lot of work and responsibility and he has been doing it a long time now.

I met a lovely lady singer called Tammy some time ago. She is a very talented singer and has a very strong voice. She does mainly 60s and 70s music and she has offered to hold a charity event for us.  Knowing FACET need to raise funds for their badly damaged roof I got in touch with Kris their manager and suggested a joint social event. He was very keen and we have chosen October 6th to hold this event.  I will be selling tickets at only £5.00 each and Kris is organising a bar.  I thought about food but didn’t want to make a lot of work or add to the cost so I will make lots of rolls to sell on the night.  Also people can bring their own snacks if they want.  I am hoping to get a driver to bring our Wisbech members but March people can hopefully use taxis or share cars. If you want to go and won’t be able to get there let me know and I could probably match up people sharing taxis. 

The day with Peterborough club is looking good. Anne who runs their club is a very nice lady and is organising a nice buffet lunch for us.  The cost of this will be £5.00 and if you come on the bus it will be another £5.00. Several members have already booked so if you want to go put your name down soon. 

I have also booked 20 Pantomime tickets for Kings Lynn again. Its om Dec 9th at 1.30pm. Its Jack and the Bean stork this year and is always a very good show. 

All our regular members know that our aims at PHAB are to help and support disabled people to enjoy life and meet other people at the club and social events.  This can include anyone who is in need of help to make their life more enjoyable. I will be sending out some information soon about a 9 year old boy called Joseph. I want to help his Dad, who is his main carer, to build a sensory garden for him. I am going to try something called crowd funding to raise money to pay for garden materials and labour.  The Project will be called Josephs Sensory Garden. The crowdfunding works in the following way: Produce the story of why the project in needed and publish it on the web. Link the project into our BT my donate page to enable people to support it with donations. Send this out with the link to all your families and Facebook friends, asking them to pass it round to their families and friends.  I am hoping we can raise enough to fund the garden and give Joseph a better quality of life.  I will also be writing to builders merchants, Garden Centres and Nurseries hoping they will donate or give good discounts on materials. When and if we are successful I will organise a DIY garden building day when volunteers can come and help create the garden.  I have already had several offers of help including someone to help design it. If you know anyone who would like to help give them my contact details and tell them to get in touch with me,

There should be some more trips being organised soon so keep checking the website and Facebook pages. 

Also if you have any photographs or Videos you want to post on our Facebook page send them to me and I will put them on for you. It’s nice to keep putting new things on it and I always forget to take pictures. 

Happy Phabbing  

From Carol

Posted by Carol on 16/08/2017

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