Hi all.

First A Happy New Year to you all. I was pleased to see two more new members last club night and hope they enjoy our services.

I have been busy organising the programme for Jan to June. I am pleased to have found some new entertainers willing to come on a club night. All at very cheap rates so I felt it was ok to book them. Some you will have heard before and requested again.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing Mike King and The Flukes from Kings Lynn. They are a group of people who play ukuleles, (A king of string instrument) I met Mike who runs the club and he is hoping to get about eight of his members to come and play for us. They go round care homes and Day centres playing all kinds of music and don’t even charge anything. If they are popular though we will give them a donation and ask them to come again.

The other entertainer I am looking forward to is Tom Kennedy. He should have come on the first club back but had an accident and hurt his wrist. So he is now booked for April 11th.

I have also made enquiries about a visit to The International Space Centre near Leicester. I will see how popular this is and what they can offer us, how much etc. and give out more details later. I am planning for it to be around late April or Early May.

If anyone is interested in learning about eating healthier there are two groups going at the moment and hopefully more later in the year. One is on Tuesday afternoons at Eddies in March on Tuesday afternoons and the other is at Victoria Lodge Wisbech on Wednesday afternoons. Both at 2.30-3.30pm. It is just a simple introduction to which are the healthiest foods and it’s free to anyone. Just let me know if you are interested and I can give you more details. Unfortunately we can’t provide transport.

We have just got the bus through the MOT and it is going to cost quite a bit as it needed some work doing on it. We also still need the door fixed and now the lock is broken. To get this done it has to go to Geest at Peterborough as they are the only people who have the parts etc. We have been promised a donation towards this but will need a lot more. I will be writing to local charities for help but if anyone feels they could support us in any way please get in touch with me. The club relies on donations and fundraising which is getting harder all the time.

Sarah is organising a big Valentines Raffle with lots of lovely prizes, so if you have any prizes she would be grateful for them. This will be alongside our club night raffle and it is open to non-members as well. Tickets are £1.00 per strip so if you want some and don’t attend the club, send in your name, phone number and money and we can write your contact on the tickets.

Finally I just have to mention the Midlands PHAB big event on July 15th at The Britt School Croydon. They are holding all day workshops for members to show off their skills, such as Drumming, Poetry etc. If there is enough interest and I can find a driver we can book some places.

We also have a PHAB rose named after the clubs. It is a lovely yellow tea rose and a percentage of everyone bought goes towards PHAB UK. Let me know if you want any to plant. They cost £9.99 each. Less if you bulk buy.

I think that’s all for this time. I will try to keep the blog updated this year and let everyone know about new events etc. Feel free to contact me anytime but if you ring my home number please leave a message so I can phone you back. I let my answer machine work for me as we get lots of cold calls every day.

Happy Phabbing

Posted by Carol on 28/11/2016

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