Hi everyone and A Happy 2018 to you all. Personally I am looking forward to a less painful 2018 as I have had a knee replacement operation. I am hoping to be able to go on more trips with you all this year and join in with more activities.

We did have a very good 2017 and managed to take quite a lot of members out and about

I particularly enjoyed meeting up with Peterborough club and hope to organise another meet up with them again this year. Perhaps a summer afternoon tea and some entertainment. I will contact Ann who runs Peterborough club and see what can be arranged.

Wixsteed Park is being organised by Midlands PHAB again and is on 3rd June so put that date in your diary. Let’s hope we can get one of the drivers to take us. I will find out the cost of the wristbands and let everyone know as soon as I get the information.

As you know our club supports all kinds of people with disabilities. I was asked if we could help a young lad aged 10 who is severely disabled. He needs a sensory garden to improve his quality of life.

The committee has agreed that I can work on this project and use the PHAB charity status to fundraise for his garden. I will be setting up a mydonate page and sending it out to all the email contacts I have. It is hoped these contacts will then forward it to other contacts and it will go to hundreds of people. The mydonate fundraising page will be linked to our site and people will be able to donate online. This is called crowdfunding.

I will not be using any of the clubs funds for this project and funding for the garden will be kept separate from the clubs core funds. I have got the plans done and just waiting for a quote to see how much money to aim for. Facet and Eddies have offered to make things for the garden and I have had several offers of help with plants and planting..

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Happy Phabbing  

From Carol

Posted by Carol on 16/08/2017

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