Hi all.

About time I did another blog as I was reminded the old one was way out of date. Please do remind me if you notice it is getting out of date as it is something I am liable to forget. I tend to use the Facebook site more as it’s free to post stuff on there.

It will soon be the last club night after a busy year at PHAB. Dec 6th. Peter Waddison is booked to come and sing at the party and there will be a lot of raffle prizes. Feel free to dress up in something Christmassy and make it a fun night.

Our support base is growing and I am pleased to tell you we have another driver who has offered to help. He has had a practice and got on well so we hope to get him booked in for training in the New Year. This will mean we can hopefully offer a few more trips out next year.

The pantomime at Kings Lynn Corn exchange is booked for 11th Dec at 1.30pm. There may be a few more seats on the bus and I do have some tickets to sell if anyone else wants to go. Let me know though as soon as possible as if no one wants the extra tickets I can cancel them so we don’t have to pay for them.

I have been working on next year’s programme and have booked several different entertainers.

January 3rd 2017 is our first club night back after Christmas. An Irish singer called Tom Kennedy is coming to entertain. I have had god recommendations from several people who tell me he is very good. He is doing it at a special rate for us as usually quite expensive.

We also have a club night which falls on Valentine’s Day so Roy Mcmanus who plays a keyboard has been booked for a party on that night.

On Feb 28th we are going to be entertained by a group who play different instruments. They are called Flukes and come from Kings Lynn.

Another club night will hopefully have Debbie from Eddies coming to organise some activities. Some of the members attend Eddies and enjoy doing craft activities with her and the lovely volunteers. Eddies always need volunteers so if anyone out there enjoys doing craft etc. then look them up online and get in touch. You don’t have to be good at anything just willing to support people.

We were lucky to get funding from The Cambridgeshire Community Fund. I had to change my application as was advised that if I applied to promote and deliver some healthy eating courses we would get the funding for the driver training etc. So after a lot of frustration over the complicated form and support from the funding people, I finally got the funding. I then found that the Health providers couldn’t work in the evenings so we couldn’t hold any courses on club nights. However I had a chat with Debbie at Eddies about it and she offered her venue for us to start one with some of her members. I am very pleased to say that this has been really successful and some of the people involved have already started to eat healthier. I am now hoping to get one started in Wisbech at Victoria Lodge. Also we want to do another one at Eddies on a different day. The courses are free, very simple and fun. They are not about losing weight or doing lots of exercise. It’s just educating members and giving them new ideas and tastes of healthier alternatives to high fat and sugar foods. I am hoping these courses will keep growing at different venues around the Fens. I have been attending the courses myself and have been very impressed with the contents and interest. If you have any suggestions as to where a course could be delivered let me know.

I didn’t ask for funding for the benches I mentioned in the last blog. It was quite complicated as the healthy eating fund was priority and I needed to show how this could help a lot more people. I did get the funding to train the drivers though so can ask a local charity for the benches. I will write to The Round Table after Christmas so we can have them some ready for next summer if they will support us.

Well I think that’s all for this blog. I am looking forward to a nice break over the holiday and spending time with the family. I know some of you find it quite lonely over bank holidays, especially if you don’t have a family to support you. I meet some brilliant care staff who work hard to keep members happy and safe. If anyone has any problems though let me know and I will see if I can help. It is getting a lot harder now with all the government cuts and some of the services are disappearing. There are people who are willing to listen to problems so don’t be afraid to ask.

I hope you all have a happy Christmas and new year.

Happy Phabbing

Posted by Carol on 28/11/2016

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